Delivering Realistic Plan

A family-owned business, based in regional NSW, started life as a distributor of imported bioremediation products and later moved into manufacturing. The business had grown steadily but despite increasing revenues and assets the owners’ equity had grown only moderately.

Recognising the need for outside support, the owners worked with external consultants to develop a strategic plan for the business. The consultants delivered a lengthy report that sat on the shelf, as the consultants had not really understood the business.

Solving the problem

The business owners appointed Carix to produce an achievable strategic plan. As hands-on business advisors, Carix worked closely with the owners and senior staff to fully understand the issues facing the business and to prepare a new three-to-five year strategic plan.

Pivotal elements of the plan included:

  • Streamlining the range to focus on core products
  • Implementing strategies to increase sales and profit
  • Aligning marketing activities with company values and objectives
  • Managing working capital more effectively.


The business is implementing a more realistic and achievable plan and is on target to increasing profitability and not just turnover.

ClientRegional Manufacturer
Skillsbusiness planning, sales and marketing, cash flow management