Documents for Certification

Helping you prepare for accreditation/ certification

One thing small-to-medium businesses struggle with is finding time to prepare documents for accreditation. We have helped many SMEs create, compile, collate and submit documentation.

We take the following steps to assist clients with achieving certification:

  • Collecting existing paperwork and digital files
  • Conducting gap analyses
  • Documenting procedures etc, if required
  • Reviewing audit-readiness
  • Being there during the audit
  • Helping respond to corrective actions
  • Implementing certification

We are not certifiers but we can work with you to ensure you have everything in place to achieve the accreditations you require to help build a sustainable business.

We have worked with businesses to achieve the following certifications:

  • ESG Environmental, Social and Governance Certification
  • FSC C-o-C Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody Certification
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmental System Certification
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety
  • AS/NZ 4801 Safety Management System
  • NHVAS National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme
  • AEO Authorised Engineering Organisation Transport for NSW

Other Carix Services

We provide a range of services tailored to your needs. Everything we do is aimed at making life easier for you.

Business Planning

We look at where your business is now, where you want to be, and what strategies will get you there.  We bring our experience to the planning process and tailor a plan that suits you.

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We can assist with staff recruitment, providing as much input as required.  Some clients choose to stay at arm’s length to the process while others want an impartial observer on the interview panel.

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Corporate Communication and Branding

SMEs don’t have the branding budgets of their larger competitors, but it’s still important you project a unified name, visual identity, and ‘personality’.

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Family Businesses

Carix understands the issues faced by family businesses and offers tailored support including succession planning and mediation.

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Do you struggle with finding the time to prepare documents for applications and accreditation?  We can help your business create, compile, collate and submit documentation for ESG, ISO, FSC, NHVAS, AEO and other certifications.

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Sales Management

Whether you’re selling products or services, effectively managing the sales function of your business is essential.  You need to have a healthy pipeline, even when times are good.

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Grant Identification

Governments at all levels, Federal, state and local, support small-to-medium businesses to succeed by offering a range of grants and services.  We aim to support SMEs in accessing funding support.

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Value Pricing

We can help you understand the value of your products and services and therefore the price the products or services are worth.

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We prepare and delivered tailored workshops for clients (and other organisations) on a variety of topics including managing sales, value pricing, roadmapping and business models.

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Cash Flow and Budgeting

We don’t aim to take the place of your accountant, but we can work with you to make sure you are knowledgeable about, and in charge of, your business finances.

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Right People Right Jobs

We can help you develop an organisational structure that supports your strategic objectives, and work with you to prepare job descriptions, employment contracts, and staff policies and procedures.

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